Get Prepared As a Catholic in These Dark Times

resilience Sep 29, 2021

I remember when I became Catholic.

I thought: “How wonderful this is. I now have access to the full truth and all the graces that God wants to give to me, through the sacraments, sacramentals, and devotions. What more can I ever need?”

In the first Lionheart Catholic book, I share my experiences with the tremendous graces that you can avail yourself of as a Catholic.

By applying the "recipe of the saints" from this first book, you can prepare yourself spiritually for these dark times, laying a supernatural foundation that comes only from God’s grace.

That supernatural foundation of sanctifying grace and actual graces is indispensable for preparing yourself and family.

But I learned through the school of hard knocks that one’s problems don’t simply disappear after becoming Catholic.

For instance, years ago I seriously injured my back, and it jeopardized my ability to provide for my family.

Then I found myself on the cusp of getting Type 2 Diabetes.

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