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Get prepared, prudently, following God's plan..


- Are you fearful of what is happening in the world today?

Get peace of mind by implementing sound and simple practices.

- Are you wondering whether you should move to a place or area that is more free?

Discover the simple questions to ask yourself to know whether making a move makes sense and if so, to where.

- Are you afraid you cannot protect your family?

Follow me on my own journey through this fear and into trust, skill, and confidence.


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"This book was quite helpful to me in figuring out how to get prepared. It covers each topic with just enough depth and information to allow me to dive in more deeply on the areas I need to get more resilient in. From self-defense to investing, career to health, it has it all."

A Reader

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- Are you bewildered by how to invest your money as a faithful Catholic?

Go beyond "index funds" (which invest in immoral companies) and into an in-depth education on moral investing that still helps you reach your goals.

- Do you wonder whether precious metals and cryptocurrencies fit into your portfolio?

Learn what these are and where they can fit, proving wrong the secular investing gurus and talking heads.

- Are you alarmed by Big Tech's invasion into your privacy and personal data?

I'll show you how to take measures to guard your privacy, even without being a tech wiz.

- Have you wanted to get healthier but feel you don't have the self-control?

I'll share how I faced dread of fasting, as well as how I overcame severe back problems, and improved my health by leaps and bounds.

- Are you stuck in a cubicle or dead-end job and want to find a way out?

I'll give you the fast lane to financial freedom, one that requires hard work but is doable. 

- Do you suspect that you are being lied to by the media, gov't, and sometimes even by Church leaders?

Find mental freedom by learning how to distinguish truth from propaganda, even when it comes from those whom we should be able to trust implicitly.

Have you been struggling with any of those questions?

Then this book will help you.

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