Devin Rose, Catholic Author

(The Rose Family, circa 2023. My beloved daughter, Josephine, died from leukemia a few months after this photo was taken. Requiescat in Pace.)

My first novel, Chasing the Seeds, has been published!

It is a modern thriller, with Catholic themes woven throughout, the first in a series called The Fiefdom Chronicles.

Get the book today: 

I’m a Catholic husband and father, a convert to the Faith from atheism by way of Evangelical Protestantism.

After becoming Catholic from Southern Baptist, I wrote two books to help others discover the Catholic Faith: The Protestant’s Dilemma and Navigating the Tiber, both published by Catholic Answers.

These books have helped tens of thousands of Catholics lead their Protestant friends and family into the Church. (And not a few Protestants have secretly read the books and then by God’s grace entered full communion with the Catholic Church.)

After having been Catholic for almost twenty years, I wanted to write two books to reflect on my own life experiences and how they helped me discover the truths of the Catholic Faith, so that readers could apply those truths in their own lives and become saints.

Lionheart Catholic: How to Become a Saint in These Dark Times is the first book, in which I discover the recipe of the saints and try to follow it to become a saint.

The next book focuses on how to get prepared at a natural, earthly level for the dark times that we are in: Lionheart Catholic II: How to Get Prepared in These Dark Times.

Early on in my marriage, my wife and I moved out to a homestead with our two small children and tried farming. We failed, and within two years had to move back to the suburbs.

I wrote a short, factual yet whimsical account of our experience in Farm Flop.

I discovered novenas early on after becoming Catholic, and I started praying them regularly. Back then, holy cards, books, and websites were the only ways to find a novena to pray.

As you can sympathize with if you have prayed many novenas, I would sometimes forget which day of the novena I was on, or I would forget to pray entirely that day. Sometimes I persevere and complete the novena anyway, and sometimes I gave up praying that novena.

Because I am a software developer professionally, I decided to make a mobile app for praying novenas, since one thing computers are really good at is knowing what day it is and how many days you have prayed! And so, Pray Catholic Novenas App was born.

I wrote a traditional book for people who couldn't use a mobile app, The Catholic Novena Book, which contains many of the most popular novenas.

Last but not least, I've started writing fiction books, beginning with what I plan to be a series. My goal is to write a series of novels that Catholic adults could read but also would be enjoyable for Catholic teens.

Most books have content that is immoral, scandalous, or antithetical to Catholic teaching, so I wanted a book that would be a good story, would reveal the truth of the Catholic Faith, and would have no of the garbage and evil found in most secular books.

I've submitted the book proposal to a publisher and am awaiting word from them if they want to publish it.


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