Lionheart Catholics are on a mission to renew the Church


We help Catholics become saints even if they are discouraged by the crisis in the Church. You will break through your spiritual plateau and use your gifts to renew the Church and transform the world.


How the Program Works

Together, we will learn how to become saints, the greatest aspiration you can have in life.

Becoming a saint has two facets, one inward and one outward: 

  • To be transformed by becoming saints (personal spiritual growth), so you can...
  • Transform your parish, community, and world by serving Christ 

Our Program is unique because it offers

  • Practical, necessary training that is found in no other places...
  • ...From Catholics who have discovered and lived these truths
  • Joining together with other Catholics of the same mind to multiply our efforts
  • You could read 2,000 years of Catholic teachings, as I have done over the past 20 years, or you could follow this program and get all that is applicable to you in a much shorter and more focused way.

Our Program:

  • Is for Catholics who are galvanized to do something, beginning with themselves
  • Is for determined Catholics and not for the pew sitters
  • Connects members with each other to collaborate
  • Will enable you to discover how the Holy Spirit is leading you to renew the Church

Membership Includes:

  • Video courses and ebooks
  • Exclusive community forum
  • Live monthly webinars, digging into the ingredients of the saints
  • Monthly book club and live video discussion
  • Weekly training videos

Membership Pricing

Lionheart Catholic is a monthly membership community.




Video courses and ebooks

Community forum

Live webinars

Monthly book club discussion

Weekly training videos


Frequently Asked Questions

Lionheart Catholic is a new program founded at the end of 2019. As one of the founding members of the program you will help to shape the future direction. 

Most importantly, you are getting an early adopter discount for the life of your subscription. After the first 100 members join we will raise the price of membership to the normal $25/mo for new members

The live webinars are one of the most exciting parts of the program.

Devin Rose hosts a live show that only members will get access to.

In each webinar Devin discusses one of the secrets of the saints from his book, Lionheart Catholic.

He dives into much more detail on each topic and take questions from members as well.

Yes! I've created multiple courses which can be taken at your own pace.

Over time I will add new course materials to tackle areas that the community needs help with.

The first course available in the program covers one of the most important secrets which is mental prayer.

The second course is on leading your Protestant friends into the Catholic Church (apologetics).

The third course is on how to start a small group (of couples or single Catholics) for friendship, fellowship, and encouragement.

The fourth course is on how to conquer habitual sin, especially sins against purity.

In the members area, you will have access to the Lionheart Catholic community through a message forum provided by our hosting platform (Kajabi). The forum is accessible from the web and the new Kajabi mobile app for iOS and Android phones.

Lionheart Catholics are a select group of the most dedicated Catholics. Lionhearts are here because they want to get to work on renewing the Church and pursuing a path to becoming a saint. If this message resonates with you it also resonated with others in the community. Getting to meet and have discussion with like-minded people will be key in getting you to where you want to be.

Want to learn more about Lionheart Catholic?

Get a copy of Devin's new book which covers his personal journey over the last 20 years and how he discovered the secrets of the saints. 

There are 20 secrets covered in the book and together they form the basis for what it means to be a Lionheart Catholic.


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