Get Prepared As a Catholic in These Dark Times

resilience Sep 29, 2021

I remember when I became Catholic.

I thought: “How wonderful this is. I now have access to the full truth and all the graces that God wants to give to me, through the sacraments, sacramentals, and devotions. What more can I ever need?”

In the first Lionheart Catholic book, I share my experiences with the tremendous graces that you can avail yourself of as a Catholic.

By applying the "recipe of the saints" from this first book, you can prepare yourself spiritually for these dark times, laying a supernatural foundation that comes only from God’s grace.

That supernatural foundation of sanctifying grace and actual graces is indispensable for preparing yourself and family.

But I learned through the school of hard knocks that one’s problems don’t simply disappear after becoming Catholic.

For instance, years ago I seriously injured my back, and it jeopardized my ability to provide for my family.

Then I found myself on the cusp of getting Type 2 Diabetes.

Further, the Great Financial Crisis of ‘08 hit and I watched as half my savings evaporated almost overnight.

And those were just a few of my problems. Problems I experienced as a practicing, trying-to-be-faithful Catholic!

Turns out, once you have that supernatural foundation in place, you need to get prepared on a natural level: physical health, where you choose to live, finances, skills, and other important aspects to life that we as Catholics often pay little attention to.

Jesus told us to be as innocent as doves, but as shrewd as serpents.

I cover these topics, and many more, in the second Lionheart Catholic book

Here the table of contents from this second book, Lionheart Catholic II: How to Get Prepared In These Dark Times:

Chapter 1 Faithful Preparation
Chapter 2 Location, Location, Location
Chapter 3 Getting Schooled
Chapter 4 Food Frustration and Back-Breaking Problems
Chapter 5 Resilience in Crisis
Chapter 6 Self-Defender
Chapter 7 The Catholic Investor
Chapter 8 Much-Maligned Metals
Chapter 9 Cryptocurrencies
Chapter 10 The Lionheart Portfolio
Chapter 11 Cubicles and Careers
Chapter 12 Mental Freedom
Chapter 13 Lionhearted Foundations

I had to learn the hard way with most of these areas of life, because no book existed that approached each of them--from self-defense to investing--from an authentically Catholic perspective.

That book exists now. Save yourself a lot of pain and heartache by reading it.

I guarantee you that you will find many gold nuggets of valuable information in it.


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