How to Become an Influencer like St Louis de Montfort

I recently came across several stories of St Louis de Montfort, the great French priest dedicated to Our Lady, and wanted to share an insight about him that affects our influencer culture.



St Louis de Montfort was a French Catholic priest who lived in the late 1600s to early 1700s.

He re-evangelized the people of Brittany and the Vendee in France (important later!).

He died in 1716, over seventy years prior to the French Revolution.

In the French Revolution, one region in particular rose up against the diabolical Reign of Terror of the Revolutionaries: the Vendee.

St Louis de Montfort's work among them, by God's grace, steeled their resolve and conviction to fight the bloodthirsty Revolutionaries, and fight they did.

Most of them had no combat experience or martial training of any kind, but they had a strong faith in Christ and a dedication to His Church, and they were appalled at the godless brutality that they were witnessing, the destruction of their churches, the ousting of all priests who refused to take the heretical oath, and they said no more.

Incidentally, for a great historical account of the French Revolution, including the war in the Vendee, I recommend Dr. Warren Carroll's The Revolution Against Christendom:

And for children, there's a fantastic grassroots movie done with child actors called The War of the Vendee:

St Louis de Montfort is now known for his book, True Devotion to Mary, but when he died the book was forgotten.

In fact, St Louis had prophesied that Satan would hide this book for a hundred years, and that is what happened, until it was providentially discovered and spread about, becoming a classic and going all over the world.

So we can say that in multiple ways St Louis de Montfort was "an influencer."

But instead of trying to be an influencer, he was simply faithful to God and what God called him to do in his life: evangelize the local French regions (which resulted decades later in the heroic uprising in the Vendee) and then write (and those writings would go on to bless people's lives for centuries to come).

The takeaway: let God make you an influencer, in His time and in His way. That doesn't mean you hide in a corner, but rather be faithful to what He calls you to do, do it, and leave the results in His hand.



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